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Tired of dieting and exercising yet still have cellulite?

VASER Shape Ultrasound

VASER Shape uses a dual headed ultrasound laser that forms a “V” under the skin to target the unwanted fat underneath the skin. The ultrasound waves produce a unique treatment that collapses the membranes of the fat cells and the fat cells burst out the stored toxins. (Some patients loose up to 3 inches in a single visit). This elimination is assisted by Endermologie Lipomassage and Vibration Platform technologies for the strongest lymphatic drainage enabling your body to remove these toxins for faster results.

VASER Shape ultrasound technology incorporates three objectives:

  • Ultrasound heated waves melt the fat cell walls to collapse and excrete toxins that are stored in the fat cell
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Renews all the cells in treated areas to reproduce faster from the inside out therefore tightening and renewing the skin

How it works:

During each treatment ultrasound energy warms the targeted area and treats the underlying fatty tissue causing the contents of the fat cells to leak out. Targeting specific zones helps increase local bloodcirculation, open the lymph nodes and encourage the body to remove excess fat. The warmness created by VASER Shape is said to feel like a hot stone massage. There is no down-time and the procedure is completely relaxing. 


VASER Shape Ultrasound

Single Session: $700
(Includes 1 Endermologie Lipomassage and Vibration session Valued at $200)

Prepaid Package of 6: $3,500

(Includes 6 Endermologie Lipomassages and Vibration sessions Valued at $900)

Prepaid Package of 10: $5,000

(Includes 10 Endermologie Lipomassages and Vibration sessions Valued at $1,800)

All sessions include Endermologie Lipomassage treatments immediately after VASER Shape therefore saving you the additional cost of Lipomassage. Every office visit includes Vibration Platform* sessions which enable faster lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Please allow 1.5 hours per visit and tit is recommended clients begin with al least one session per week for best results.

* Vibration Therapy

(Complimentary with every office visit)

Vibration Therapy uses 97% of your core muscles and is one of the strongest lymphatic drainage processes for your body. 10-minutes a day on the Vibration Platform will give you the benefits of one-hour of conventional gym workout; including increased muscle strength, bone density, serotonin and the ability to help balance your hormones enabling increased weight loss.